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June 04 2016


How To Find Hay Day Online

Beginner's Information to Hay Day

Hay Day is an absurdly popular farm simulator for mobile phones and tablet computers released by Supercell. In this novice's guide to Hay-Day, we give some expert suggestions to get your farm started right and 'll answer the many frequent Hay Day questions. Let's begin if you are not used need a supporting hand and to Hay Day!

Hayday Information: Coins

Coins are the conventional currency in Hay Day. You'll make them by promoting items that your farm produces, and for the large part they'll be spent by you'll on improvements to your own farm.

Coins are rather easy to find. Products 'll be asked for by them and pay you in coins when visitors come to your plantation. Similarly, it is possible to promote stuff in the store that is roadside or to the order board to create coins. As you sell the products of your farm and pick, you will also levelup, that will unlock new buildings to purchase along with your coins.

http://newfrommoto.com Diamonds are the premium money in Hay-Day. A "premium money" is just some thing the game offers you a tiny bit of of and usually charges you genuine, real dollars for more. Maybe not all Hay Day diamonds price money, though!

You can get free diamonds in Hay-Day from numerous sources:

Concealed Boxes, which seem like... glistening red tool boxes. Occasionally these have diamonds inside them. Occasionally, though, you desire them to open. Thus, they are something of a gamble.
Gaining a-level sometimes gives free diamonds in Hay-Day to you.
"Night at the Movies" which will be somewhat solution that is sometimes on the floor close to your mail box. You must watch previews for an opportunity at Hay Day diamonds that are free.
Concluding achievements additionally gives you diamonds that are complimentary. Tap on the farm house and you also will see a record of the rewards along with achievements they they provide.
There is a daily "Prize Wheel" you're able to whirl to get a chance at free diamonds. The Wheel can be found from the other side of the road from your own mailbox.

Gemstones may be used for several things issues in Hay-Day. You are able to devote timers to jump, although that is generally a waste. You may also make use of them to buy rare things, which is a notably better solution to invest them. Finally, they may also be utilized to add slots to properties that produce stuff. Here is the only method to add more slots, so that it makes sense to save most of your diamonds for this particular function.

Harvests are the first point you'll learn to create in Hayday. Crops are planted in areas. Harness on any area that is empty, to plant a crop, then pull the harvest you wish to put onto the field that is bare. A timer will be started by this. When the timer ends, you'll be able to reap the crops by exploiting on the plants and after that lugging the sickle over the prepared-to- harvest fields.
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